I am a teacher and on my feet all day. My orthopedist said I would require surgery for osteoarthritis in a very painful knee. I decided to try acupuncture before surgery. Sean Rachlin consulted with me and agreed to treat my problem with acupuncture.  After a series of treatments I was feeling fine. That was two years ago. Now I go for regular maintenance treatment with Sean Rachlin.  He is a very intelligent, sensitive and caring Professional. I am grateful for the healing attention Sean has given me. Acupuncture has, indeed, helped me a lot.



"I am extremely grateful to Sean Rachlin. Working with him has done wonders for my body and for my spirit. Until Sean started treating me, osteoarthritis caused me to walk with a constant, extremely painful limp. Since beginning treatment with Sean, I walk easily and freely ... the only time I limp now is for a minute or two after I have been sitting for over an hour. After a few steps, though, the limp disappears, and a minute or so after that I don't even remember that I used to limp all the time. Sean has also helped me to reduce anxiety and to focus more clearly; so, I not only walk more easily now, but I breathe more easily, too. I feel that it's a gift to be able to work with Sean and to recommend him to friends and relatives. He is a highly talented and scrupulously conscientious practitioner with an honest and deep concern for my progress. I trust him implicitly, because he also lets me know when he cannot be of help."




After several years of aches and pains and much physical therapy, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my back, neck, elbow and hands.  No wonder I was having difficulty lifting weights and spinning!  A friend recommended I try acupuncture.  Fortunatley, I found Sean and have been thrilled with his care.  After a few visits, I felt a huge relief of discomfort.  I have been visiting Sean weekly ever since, and I'm thrilled with his kind, patient and methodical treatment.  Sean has a gentle and effective touch that has me ache free ever since.  I can't speak highly enough about his professional and comforting way.  I'm so fortunate and thrilled with the results.


Judy D.


When my back pain was so intense that the doctor said it was either surgery or, as a last ditch effort, maybe acupuncture shoud be considered, I said I would try the latter.  I was desperate and surgery was not on my agenda.  Sean Rachlin has been treating me for years, I am pain free and take no medicine. The treatment is amazing and Sean is a superb practitioner.  Best medical decision I ever made.


Judy C.