Massage Therapy

A combination of therapeutic, manual manipulations of the body’s soft tissues

(muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia), pressing and stretching techniques and 

focused attention on specific areas and acupressure points of the body.





Benefits may include:


- softening of tight muscle groups and relaxation of tense and spastic muscles


- restored balance of muscle groups, thereby affecting the structure of the body and        promoting increased joint range of motion, flexibility, postural improvement and diminished pain.


- enhanced circulation and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all cells which assists in the removal  of toxins and reduced inflammation from the tissues


- reduction of swelling from the accumulation of fluid in the extremities.


- restoration and maintenance of health and overall well-being.


- soothing of the nervous system


- a more harmonious flow of qi and blood, allowing the body to naturally heal itself


- regulation of the internal functioning of the organs, glands, nervous system and brain.